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Nasutitermes walkeri


Nasutitermes is a genus of termites in the family Termitidae and is found extensively across Ipswich and surrounding areas. Nasutitermes walkeri are pretty common in coastal regions from Sydney through to Cairns.

You will notice that the genus has soldiers with nasute heads, which means the head is tapered to a long snout (nasus), and the mandibles are reduced. The Nasutitermes soldiers are smaller than the workers and incredibly brave despite their fragile appearance.

These little soldiers charge the breach and release a white exudation from the nasus in defence when the colony is breached. This species builds arboreal nests in trees, usually on the main trunk but sometimes on a fork or a large branch.

The nest is soft and fragile outside and can be easily broken and penetrated with a probe. The arboreal nest is connected to other parts of the colony in the root crown or another subterranean part of the tree, both internally and externally. It is common for Nasutitermes walkeri to damage timber in service, and it is found regularly in Ipswich homes.

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