Microcerotermes turneri

Microcerotermes are a termites genus in the family Termitidae and are found across Ipswich and surrounding areas. They build arboreal nests on posts and poles, mounds on the ground, and nests underground.

You probably drive past thousands of Microcerotermes colonies daily without even noticing them. They can cause significant damage to your home and property. They are regularly found eating the cellulose in plasterboard and attacking retaining walls and landscaping timbers.

The picture above shows a Microcerotermes queen in a termite nest at Brassall near Ipswich. The queen left her original colony as an alate or fully winged reproductive to set up a new colony with her king. You can see in this photo above that the queen is physogastric, which means she is enlarged and distended with eggs.

A termite queen can live beyond 25 years and lay upwards of 30,000 eggs daily, producing millions of termite offspring yearly.