Jets Pest Control Ipswich Can Treat Your Home for Termites and Pests

We use the best chemistry and safest treatments to rid your home of unwanted pests and termites in the quickest way possible. You can trust and rely on us.

jets pest control ipswich area qld 4305
jets pest control ipswich area qld 4305
About Us

Jets Pest Control Ipswich

Do you want your home to be pest-free? The qualified, professional staff at Jets Pest Control Ipswich can quickly and safely eradicate any pests in your home using treatments made by the best brands in the industry. Whether you live in the City of Ipswich or anywhere near Ipswich, we can help you eliminate unwanted pests with our service.

Our Services

All Your Pest Control Needs At One Place

cockroach pest control services ipswich area qld 4305

Pest Control Services

Pests can be aggravating. From cockroaches to ants to spiders to mice, they’re everywhere! Jets Pest Control services your home thoroughly to be sure your space is pest-free.

termite control treatments ipswich area qld 4305

Termite Management

Are you aware of how devastating damage from termites can be? Have you felt the pain of destroying a perfect kitchen because of those pesky little pests? Keep termites from taking over your home.

lawn grub treatments ipswich area qld 4305

Lawn Grub Treatments

Ever had pests ravage your lawn? Give us a call! We guarantee that our treatment for pesky lawn grubs will save your yard! We have products that are specifically designed for lawns plagued by lawn grubs.

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With Our Dad!

Our dad always ensures that his services are safe and top-notch! He does so much for us, like controlling pests. We don’t know what we would do without him!

Why Choose Us

Choose the Best Pest Control Expert for You

jets pest control ipswich qld area 4305

Meet Shaun, Your Local Pest Expert

Shaun’s the one you want to call for your pest control needs, with over 20 years of hands-on experience spanning integrated pest management, quality assurance, food safety, and workplace safety.


What Our Clients Say

“Shaun was very professional. He did a great job and exceeded my expectations. He is friendly, informative and happy to provide advice on keeping my home pest-free. It made me a very happy customer! I highly recommend him.”
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Alida Morcus
Ipswich QLD
“Thank you, Shaun, for your prompt response. Your knowledge and range of services are very impressive and reasonably priced. You helped with handy backup information and a smile on your face. Great job!”
pest control services review
Niki Leadbetter
Ipswich QLD
“I highly recommend Jets Pest Control. They are professional, efficient, reliable and provide great customer service. I will not hesitate to use them again in the future.”
pest control services review
Adrianne Moloney
Ipswich QLD
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