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Our Story

Helping families across Ipswich have a pest-free, genuinely safe home.

Every homeowner deserves to be safe and free of pests. We will ensure you have the peace that comes with living in a pest-free environment while also helping your family stay safe!

When Shaun Michels – the founder of Jets Pest Control Ipswich- conceived the idea of starting this company, the goal was to help homeowners across Ipswich have a pest-free home to enjoy an environment that was truly safe and healthy to raise their families and live in.

We are proud to say that we achieve this goal in every home we visit.

Shaun is the right person with 20 years + of hands-on experience in integrated pest management, turf management, quality assurance, food safety, and workplace safety. He began in 2014, and since then, he has provided long-lasting, effective pest control and lawn care solutions to hundreds of homes across Ipswich and surrounding areas.

He will be honoured to add your home to our success story.

We do not use a one-size-fits-all model to address every client’s needs because no two homes experience pest challenges the same way.

Instead, we create solutions customised to meet your home’s unique pest control needs, which is how we consistently make truly effective remedies. To do this, we offer FREE in-person consultation. Please get in touch with us or send a message to book an appointment.

We want you to understand this: pests aren’t just pests.

They can be disease-wielding, food-poisoning, property destroying, space-invading critters that can scare you out of your homes. You need a professional to help you make sure not even one of them finds a livable space in your home. It would be best if you had Jets Pest Control Ipswich.

Services we offer include:

  • Residential pest control for Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Silverfish and Rodents
  • Specialist treatments for Carpet Beetles, Clothes Moths, Flying Insects and more
  • Regular visual termite inspections following the Australian Standards
  • Chemical termite barriers with Termidor with a minimum of 8 years of life expectancy
  • Plus, we can provide a $2 Million Termidor Assurance Warranty for qualifying homes
  • The best lawn care solutions for Lawn Grubs, Weed Control and Fungal Diseases

We use only high-quality products from globally recognised, leading manufacturers of insecticides, termiticides, insect growth regulators, herbicides, and fungicides in dealing with these problems.

We develop and implement an integrated pest management plan that is personalised to protect your health, home, and environment.

Why choose Jets Pest Control Ipswich? 


Have those annoying pests plagued you? There’s no need to worry any longer! Jets Pest Control Ipswich is a professional yet friendly company that provides fast-acting pest control services for residential buildings across Ipswich QLD and surrounding areas. Our professionally trained and certified pest controllers use only products from world-class manufacturers to guarantee safe, effective and swift results.


At Jets Pest Control Ipswich, we only use the safest chemistry and best practices for environmental protection. We are intentional about our choice of products as we do not want you or any other living creature harmed by them! Our safety management systems make sure that all chemicals will never harm people’s health even if they come into contact with it accidentally because accidents can happen at any time, but don’t worry – there aren’t many risks involved when working in an infestation free zone, thanks to proper precautions being taken beforehand.

It’s important to protect yourself and those around you- we think it starts in your home but doesn’t stop there – so let us take care of things like pests that could be lurking anywhere nearby.


Our services are logically priced. We are committed to providing you with an affordable and effective pest control service. We offer free service period warranties for up 12 months, so your hard-earned dollar is maximised to guarantee that we get rid of common household pests like cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish and more. 

Immediate results

We know when you’re facing a pest problem, it can be terrifying and stressful. That’s why our team works hard to solve all of your problems as quickly as possible so that the job is done right from day one! We have several solutions for whatever types of pests are bothering you, termites eating away at the wood in homes, wasps swarming around inside walls looking for somewhere else to nest – not just on balconies etc… And don’t forget about pesky ants making their way into houses through gaps under doors because they love food left out by humans…

With every pest problem we encounter, we know exactly what needs to be done, what we need to get the job done, and how to get the job done for the best results.

For FREE consultations and bookings, contact us via our phone lines: 1300 566 569 or 0458 619 182 or send a message.

Our Values

Our Core Values Defines Our Work



At Jets Pest Control Ipswich, we understand that every home is different. That’s why our team of licensed and professional pest controllers can come to your property with years of experience in various industries, from food safety inspections all the way down to integrated pest management strategies for residential homes!

We’re confident you’ll be more than satisfied by what our knowledgeable professionals have on their hands when it comes time for an effective rat removal service or bed bug control solution – just let us know how much trouble these pesky creatures are making at your home.ts Pest Control Ipswich



Over the years, pests have evolved and developed resistance to treatments. As a result of this, we’ve remained at the forefront by constantly researching new ways for better solving pest problems while also ensuring that our methods are environmentally friendly so they can help sustain future generations as well!

We partner with leading Australian and Global Chemicals producers who provide us with their support in combining both social responsibility AND protection needed when fighting off the pesky creepy crawlies from your home or business premises – no matter how big it is!.



At Jets Pest Control Ipswich, we know that our service isn’t just about making money. It’s something more integral to who we are as people and community members. This responsibility has grown over time with the good graces of those hundred families already in your corner for you to choose from when it comes down to how pest-free or not each day should feel like!

We’ll see all of you soon enough, but until then, take care of yourself out there: keep safe at school or work; don’t let any bugs bite (even though they might be tempted).



Our team of experts at Jets Pest Control Ipswich are committed to keeping your home free of pests, insects and rodents. We stay aware of the harmful effects chemical pesticides can have on you as well as our environment by always using world-class brands that strictly follow recommended usage instructions so we never let anything happen without potentially hazardous consequences or side effects!

For pest management services or related products, contact us now. We will make sure your home is free from pests.


What Our Clients Say

“Shaun was very professional. He did a great job and exceeded my expectations. He is friendly, informative and happy to share his advice on keeping my home pest-free. It made me a very happy customer! I highly recommend Jets Pets Control Ipswich.”
pest control services review
Alida M.
Ipswich QLD
“Thank you, Shaun, for your prompt response. Your knowledge and range of services are very impressive and reasonably priced. You helped with handy backup information and a smile on your face. Great job!”
pest control services review
Niki L.
Ipswich QLD
“I highly recommend Jets Pest Control Ipswich. They are professional, efficient, reliable and provide great customer service. I will not hesitate to use them again in the future.”
pest control services review
Adrianne M.
Ipswich QLD
"I strongly recommend getting a termite inspection by Shaun at Jets Pest Control Ipswich to everyone serious about protecting their home! I was completely blown away by the termite damage they found. The recommendations to protect my home seem safe, practical and affordable. Cheers.”
pest control services review
Michael Stevens
Sinnamon Park QLD
“Your tech found evidence of termites and explained how we can reduce the risk of infestation. I now better understand the importance of regular termite inspections of my home. It takes a good pest controller to detect the early signs of termites. I feel relieved to have found a pest inspector I trust to give me the lowdown on termites. Thanks, Jets.”
pest control services review
Ernest D.
Corinda QLD
Stepping on hard, prickly burrs sends a jolt through my body. Nasty Khaki weed had taken over my whole yard, and a normal bindy killer does not kill it. I have never felt safe applying chemicals. Some jobs are better left to the professionals, and this is one of them. I had to call Shaun at Jets Pest Control. He was professional and accommodating. If you ever have a similar experience, contact Jets Pest Control Ipswich.
pest control services review
Kevin Dwyer
Rosewood QLD
“Thank you, Shaun. Every year, I find myself in despair when my lawn is attacked by the blasted lawn grubs again. I found treating and eradicating these pests very difficult. I love my lawn, and when the attack starts, I have to defend it. Jets Pest Control Ipswich made a single application of Acelepryn. It protected my lawn from grubs and caterpillars all season.”
jets pest control reviews ipswich qld area 4305
Kathleen Y.
Ipswich QLD
“Getting rid of bindii on my lawn has been a tough process for me. The weed and feed killer I bought from the store near me never got the job done. I had to contact Jets Pest Control. Afterwards, running barefoot in the backyard was not a problem anymore. The memories of sharp pains from hard, prickly burrs in my feet are long forgotten. Thanks, Shaun.”
jets pest control reviews ipswich qld area 4305
Cheryl P.
Spingfield Lakes QLD
“I found Shaun not to be the average pest controller. Everyone needs professional help at some point, and the moment I engaged in Shaun's services, I knew he would solve my pest problems. Other pest controllers I found were quick to arrive and leave, and the problem continued. Shaun took the time to inspect my home properly, found all the problems, devised a plan that made sense to me and then did what needed to be done to control the pests. You can see he cares about his customers and doing the job safely."
jets pest control reviews ipswich qld area 4305
Kelly-Anne M
Westlake QLD
“I would highly recommend Shaun's services to anyone needing help. I have dealt with several so-called ‘professional’ pest control companies, only to be given the run-around. Shaun went above and beyond what I had expected and bent over backwards to help me solve the problem.”
jets pest control reviews ipswich qld area 4305
Tamara C.
Springfield Lakes QLD
“Shaun is an exceptional professional and provides high-quality advice promptly. I found him to be trustworthy and honest with his dealings with me. I highly recommend Shaun to anyone seeking help.”
jets pest control reviews ipswich qld area 4305
Dr. Hannelle N.
Jindalee QLD
“Hi, Shaun. I just wanted to say thanks for your help. Your industry knowledge and genuine interest in helping others shine through. The support and advice are much appreciated. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who needs help.”
jets pest control reviews ipswich qld area 4305
Jannina D.
Karalee QLD
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